This year, the face-to-face delivery of the Fotoconnexió Awards returned. On the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary, a special celebration was organized, with the presentation of the photographer and journalist Enric Lucena.

The proposals sent by the members had meant that, this year, the finalists in each category were as follows:

    • TRAJECTORY Award
      • Enric Galve: for being one of the founders and head of the prestigious EGM Color Laboratories in 1971, having been the director of Sonimagfoto & Multimedia and being a member of the Graphispag committee, among many other positions of responsibility. He is a lover of photography who has always supported cultural photographic initiatives.
      • Laura Terré: for her long career as a photography historian, exhibition curator and teacher. Notable is his research into the generation of Spanish photographers who formed the AFAL Group during the 1950s, the writing of monographs on various photographers, as well as numerous articles in the press and trade magazines, and the curator of exhibitions.
      • Ecomuseum of the Valls d’Àneu / Garsineu Edicions: for its task of recovering and disseminating the Pyrenean photographic and film heritage through exhibitions and book collections, which have rescued from oblivion both professional and amateur authors.

And the winner was Enric Galve.

      • KBr Center de Fotografia de la Fundació Mapfre: for its commitment to becoming a permanent center on photography in Barcelona, with retrospectives on the great masters of photography of the 20th century and panoramic views of contemporary authors. In addition, it promotes initiatives such as the inclusion in the exhibition programming of collections and photographic collections in Catalonia.
      • Archivo COVID: for the project that brings together the work of 388 photographers from all over the state who have documented the pandemic and its effects throughout the year 2020. These images, provided free of charge, are gathered on an open and free interactive website. available to the public for 10 years.
      • Lumínic: for its work in promoting auteur photography since its festival, which has been held in Sant Cugat since 2019. In addition, they have become a photographic platform with permanent activity, presenting a publishing house and a gallery in photo line.

And the winner was KBr Mapfre Foundation Photography Center.

      • Miquel Àngel Pintanel: for the facilities he gives to Fotoconnexió to attend the exhibitions he is in charge of curating at the Filmoteca de Catalunya, such as the exhibition “Les claus de la foto fixa”. In addition, for the logistical support it gives to the association in computer issues.
      • Ricard Marco: to give visibility to Fotoconnexió in the events of the Boix Year, commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Francesc Boix, and especially in the act of homage to this photographer held at the headquarters of the Sants-Montjuïc District, co-organized by him on behalf of the association. Also for the management to bring the exhibition 11 Photoconnected to the Civic Center of Cotxeres de Sants.
      • Anna Nicolau: for her continuous work of reporting on articles published in the press on photography and on the inauguration of exhibitions from the Facebook page of Fotoconnexió partners, invigorating this meeting space for members.

And the winners, with a tie in the number of votes, were Miquel Àngel Pintanel and Ricard Marco.



The event was broadcast live on Instagram Live, and we have the video (with some technical issues):

After the delivery, the usual dinner was held.


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