On Wednesday, August 3, despite the unusual date for carrying out a photoconnected activity, a group of more than a dozen members of Fotoconnexió and the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc were able to enjoy a guided tour of the rooms of the two exhibitions offered by Fundación MAPFRE’s Center KBr. The first part of the visit was to the exhibition Bleda y Rosa, curated by Marta Dahó. All of their work is presented, nine projects, from “Soccer Fields” and “Battle Fields”, to the most recent, “Corporations” and “Prontuario”. Given the number and dimensions of the photographs, screens have been chosen on which the photographs of each project are projected.
The guide questioned the attendees to help us delve a little deeper (just seeing each of the photographs once already supposes a visit of more than an hour) in the meanings of each of the projects.

In Espai 2 we find the exhibition Ressonàncies, curated by Joan Fontcuberta. A selection of “classic” photographs from the Fundación Mapfre collection (Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus…) serve as an introduction to the work of young creators of post-photography (Paolo Cirio, Juana Gost, Kurt Caviezel, Jon Rafman , Joachim Schmid and Miguel Ángel Tornero). A very disturbing exhibition, both for the images and for the hidden meaning behind them.

And remember that on August 19, on the occasion of World Photography Day, Fundación MAPFRE is offering free tickets to these exhibitions through the link:


(Photographies by Elisa Bonet and Albert Bada)





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