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Exhibition Bromóleos. Fotografía pictorialista. Joaquim Pla Janini

February 24 - 10:00 - October 9 - 20:00

Exhibition showing the relationship between the work of the author Joaquim Pla Janini, pictorial photography and the sea. This is a unique opportunity to disseminate the work of this photographer, as well as his unknown and little studied slope over the sea, showing for the first time the collection of the 34 transported bromoils that belong to the collection of the Barcelona Maritime Museum.

The author’s trajectory is contextualized with the sociocultural situation of the time, establishing connections with the pictorialist current, relations with contemporary photographers and photographic groups, the national and international positioning of the work through competitions and exhibitions, the singularity of the photographic technique (the transported bromoil), and the most personal figure of the author.


Museu Marítim de Barcelona
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