Fotoconnexió awards repository

Fotoconnexió annually announces the Fotoconnexió Awards with which the entity distinguishes entities, groups or individuals that share the founding objectives of our organization. Consequently, the awards are a recognition of the tasks of study, research, conservation and dissemination of photography and audiovisual in all its aspects.

There are three types of awards:


It recognizes the contributions that have been made in the field of research and the promotion of photography and audiovisual in a long way. Both specialized contributions and those that combine various aspects over time can be considered.


It aims to distinguish any type of initiative carried out around photography and audiovisual (publication, exhibition, activity, etc.) that has been carried out or inaugurated from the previous call for awards to the current.


It is awarded to any member of the Fotoconnexió or project of the association who has made a contribution to the prestige, dissemination or operation of the institution itself.

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Reglamento de los Premios Fotoconnexió (catalan)

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